Bespoke or Just Be Spoken

Intensive English Job Seeker Course: Get the job you want.

A tailored suit goes a long way in an interview but a tailored CV goes a lot further. From advert to interview organising yourself to fit the position is a must for English job seeking.

It is not just a practice that is acceptable, it is a defined specific process rolled out in full or in part.

Whichever, the procedure is based on a set of expected norms that is recognised as being the standard.

It’s not just a question of the right language. Indeed absolute correctness in language rates relatively low in the difference between getting the job or not.

What’s needed is to be able to communicate well enough in the language, of course, but this depends on what will be needed in the job role at first.

English employers know that language skills will improve if a person has an adequate level to start. It is the the effort and commitment to the recruitment process which will determine your success even to be the short listed. This is a skill that is expected.

Recruitment is expensive and employers have limited time and resources.

When your CV and letter arrive at the door, everything depends on whether or not you appear to be a likely candidate from the information you have presented. If not your application won’t even get past the PA.

This intensive course will give you some of the main skills and necessary language to seek and improve your chances of attaining the opportunity you want.

From announcement through to the interview, every word you say or write will say choose me. I’m the best. I’m what you said you are looking for.

F. Roslin Herbert
BA (Hons) Business and Economics, University of Brighton, Diploma Marketing Royal Institute of Marketing, London, PGCE y QTA Business and Economics, University of Brighton, HNC and ONC, Mooregate University, London, CELTA University of Cambridge. 15 años de experiencia docente y 20 años de experiencia en la industria comercial como director de ventas y marketing.

F. Roslin Herbert impartirá el curso Inglés para la búsqueda de empleo los días 27 y 28 de septiembre de 2012 en las aulas de SEDIC.

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